Experian Dispute - How To Remove Bad Credit

Published: 24th November 2008
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To dispute Experian credit bureau a dispute letter must be sent. When the bureau receives your letter they will investigate the dispute.

The first step though is to get a copy of your credit report. You can get a free credit report once a year from each credit bureau. I suggest you go to annual credit report, they will provide you with your free copy.

When you have your credit report you must identify what listings are inaccurate or incorrect. These will be the listings that you dispute.

These marks are disputed by writing a dispute letter and sending it to Experian. Upon receipt they will say if your dispute is valid or invalid.

If your dispute is considered invalid you will get a letter from them requesting additional information about the dispute. You need to respond and provide them with the information requested.

However if they find your dispute valid they will investigate the mark. During an investigation they will contact the originator of the item and ask them to verify the account, the balance, and the dates on the account.

It has been found that investigations will often result in a listing being removed. This is a result of many businesses being unwilling to spend the resources verifying disputed debts.

Your other option to dispute bad credit is to hire a credit repair service. If you do hire a service all you will need to do is identify what items you wish to dispute.

In case an item is verified then a credit repair service can be very helpful because they have advanced dispute techniques. These include; creditor direct intervention, escalated dispute information requests, and debt validation.

I suggest do it yourself credit repair if you have only minor damage on your report, however if you have multiple marks I suggest a credit repair service. I also suggest a service if you are having trouble submitting a valid dispute or you have had a mark verified that should be removed.

Be aware that you must send a dispute letter to each credit bureau. If you do not you may remove a negative mark from your Experian credit report however this mark will still be on your Equifax and Transunion credit report.

In sum you can remove bad credit items from your credit report. To do this you must dispute the item with each credit bureau.

For more info about how to proceed with an experian dispute or for a free dispute letter to dispute bad credit items on your credit report or to learn about how you can dispute midland credit management a common collection agency visit us.

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